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Dellux Technologies

Anyone can package LEDs in a box and claim to offer a lighting solution, but cannot guarantee consistent light and expected life.

Dellux Technologies Inc., a private company with headquarters in Quebec, Canada, develops and commercializes innovative LED degradation management technologies providing energy-efficient lighting solutions. These innovative lighting solutions are designed for industrial and commercial applications such as street, roadway tunnel, railway tunnel, subway tunnel, architectural, indoor parking and mine.

Dellux lighting solutions incorporate our patented unique LED Degradation Compensation technology, which maintains the required lighting level for a minimum of 15 years.

Dellux lighting system challenges common standards in the industry. Entirely monitored by a remote computer that can diagnostic the whole network unit by unit through a single website interface, the new technology allows up to 80% additional energy savings compared to conventional LED in a box products.

For several years now Dellux lighting system has been marketed in Europe with installations in Germany (longest LED tunnel in Europe -- see press release section), Norway, Austria, Italy and Mexico. The Company completed the implementation of the world's first LED intelligent lighting system in the Atwater tunnel in Montreal in 2004 (see press release section).

The key to Dellux's success lies in:

  • A dynamic and cohesive team of engineers and skilled technicians committed to providing customers with effective solutions and the highest quality products at the most affordable price;
  • A customer-driven approach to doing business: that means looking at problems from the customer's perspective and using the latest technology to design flexible solutions that can be tailored to each customer's particular requirements, not only for the present but for years to come;
  • A commitment to constant innovation through R&D and to manufacturing all products in keeping with the most demanding standards of quality.


    Intelligent LED tunnel lighting

Dellux T Series

The T Series tunnel luminaires are the most technologically advanced LED tunnel lighting products on the market. This cutting-edge solution incorporates our patented unique LED Degradation Compensation technology for a minimum life span of 15 years without compromising lighting intensity. The T-series allows you to achieve significant energy and maintenance cost savings through our simple user-friendly network management interface.

Data sheets T1050-Series




  • Reduced operating costs and easy maintenance
  • 40% to 80% energy savings compared to conventional lighting systems
  • No replacement of lamp or ballast
  • Patented technology for a longer life cycle (>130,000 hours ~ 15 years) without light degradation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Smaller UPS and/or generators for emergency back-up (save space and money)
  • Enhanced safety

Central network management for remote monitoring

  • Individual lamp monitoring and control (remote diagnostic)
  • Light Loss Meter

Proven LED technology

  • Installations in Canada, Europe and Latin America
  • LED applications are multiplying

Environmentally friendly

  • No toxic material to dispose of, less waste
  • Lightweight design (no need for reinforced mounting structures)
  • Robust assembly unaffected by shock, vibration, corrosion or external environment
  • RoHS compliant




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