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Rekk-socially responsible youth shelters

Street art is emerging as a popular sub-culture especially amongst teenagers. Youth shelters from the only UK specialist company, rekk Limited, bring together in one, intentional space, teenagers and their passion for making a statement and tagging a place as their own.

rekk’s Managing Director and Founder, Steve Evans, explains “We were the first to promote ‘hands on’ art projects in youth shelters to encourage teenagers to own their space and our roof profiles are designed with this in mind.”

“Vivid colours and imaginative designs are attractive to young people of all ages and abilities and have the practical advantage of masking ‘unwelcome’ graffiti.”

“It’s quick, easy and cheap to do, the teenagers can’t wait to get involved and the exercise, and the beneficial effect, can be repeated time after time as the group changes shape.”

Teenagers will get together outside.  If they have nowhere of their own to meet they will adopt somewhere designed for others with inevitable results.  A problem to solve or a need to cater for?


rekk youth shelters cater for the natural need of 12-16 year olds to socialise and learn to relate to each other.  To learn how to get the most from your youth shelter project ask for your free copy of our exclusive guide.


Youth shelters last but the ownership benefits of involving young people in initial selection decay quickly as they grow up and move on. One increasingly popular way of rebuilding ownership is to allow teenagers to decorate their youth shelter, make it their own and show everyone this is ‘our place’ for ‘us to look after’.

Unlike other shelters, rekk youth shelters have roof profiles designed to be decorated and you can see above what a great job teenagers can make of it. Getting ‘hands on’ with graffiti artists builds genuine ownership and the exercise – and the beneficial effect – can be repeated as the youth group changes over time.


If young people feel unsafe in their youth shelter after dark they will abandon it and continue to meet in the places they meet now.

Exclusive to rekk and optional in ALL our youth shelter designs, each C™ SOLAR safety lighting unit is installed securely as an integral part of the structure, not a vulnerable add-on.

Clear moonlight is rated as 1 LUX.  Each C™ SOLAR safety light unit contains 24 LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) that generate more than 22 LUX at seat level and have an operating life in excess of 50,000 hours.


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