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Dialight Eclipse EN-12368 European Standard


230VAC Signal Modules (EU1)

200mm and 300mm 230VAC signals available with the blackened or coloured outer lens.


icon-pdf-big.gifDialight Eclipse Scandinavia EU1»


12VDC to 24VDC Signal Modules (EU5)

These DC module can be used with an input voltage range of 9VDC to 33VDC. Available in 200mm and 300mm configurations with either the blackened lens or coloured lens.


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Astrin 1+ 230VAC (Dimmable 160VAC) Signal Modules

These high intensity signal modules are based on the ASTRIN requirements but are 230VAC. All come with the coloured outer lens.


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OCIT2 40V Signal Modules

The OCIT (Open Communication Interface for Road Traffic Control Systems) type modules are designed to integrate into the OCIT traffic management infrastructure.


icon-pdf-big-4.gifDialight OCIT2 40V»


100mm LED 230V AC

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