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Solar LED Lighting System External Solution

Solar Panel 2x20W on roof

Solar LED Lighting System

Traffic Systems have developed a solar LED lighting system which easily can be installed into existing (retrofit) and new bus shelters as an example. Installation will take less than 20 minutes and the system has been developed to work in the Nordic climate.



A completely self contained system which houses Solar PV, LED lighting, Controller unit and Batteries all in one unit. Specifically designed to be retro-fitted to existing structures, typically bus and cycle shelters, stables or any building where mains connection is not an option.
This system requires minimal maintenance and easily integrates with both new and existing street furniture designs.

Photo Gallery _10_img_8131.jpg


Two LED Spot (1W+1W) fixture installed in roof of a bus shelter


LED-Spot-2.jpgIMG_0867.jpgPassive Infra Red technology (PIR)                             One Spot LED (1W)

LED Light Bar (3W)

P1010141.JPG One LED-Spot System (1W)

System configuration

A specially manufactured, vandal resistant, flexible solar panel is attached to the roof of the shelter which harnesses the sun’s energy throughout the day, this energy is stored by special long life batteries. At dusk the innovative Controller unit releases the stored energy and uses it to power high intensity Light Emitting Diodes (LED’s).

The system maintains a constant low level of illumination until a passenger enters the shelter and activates the built in Passive Infra Red technology (PIR). The light levels will then gently increase and remain fully activated until the passenger has vacated the immediate area.

Bus shelter at night (low level of light) same bus shelter as above


The microprocessor based system monitors battery charge levels. When the charge is low the light output level is temporarily lowered to allow the charge to build up while ensuring constant illumination. This ability to regulate the output of the LED drivers ensures that the system operates at optimum performance throughout the winter period.


 Example of check of Power production in a specific area (Gothenburg)


Light level of time-schedule

Light level security

This system maintains a constant low level of illumination in the shelter at night. Using Infra Red Technology the level of light is designed to increase once a passenger enters the shelter giving the passenger increased security and comfort. Quick and easy to install the solar based LED lighting solution eliminates the cost of mains connection and delay.

Featuring Passive Infra Red technology discreetly designed into the shelter, once occupied the shelter light level will gently increase to a higher level of illumination.


Test of lighting and operating test of fixture during daylight via magnet.
No need to cover the solar panel to simulate night. See picture below.


Status test of the lighting system during daytime

Enclosure & EMS

The housing of the unit is constructed from aluminium and a solar panel drops neatly onto the top. A Low maintenance, leak proof battery stores the gathered energy and at dusk the Energy Management system (EMS) releases the energy and uses it to power the LED’s

We can "stage" your own system with feature as reading number of passengers using specific bus shelter.





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