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LEDs in Street Lighting. Streetlighting is an important public service and a necessity. However,traditional street lighting uses high-pressure sodium/mercury lamps,which consume a lot of energy while demonstrating poor energy efficiency due to heat loss.With their longevity and energy efficiency, LEDs are being adopted in treet lighting.In long run,municipalities will save a fortune,while maintenance costs can be kept at a minimum.


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Traffic Systems have been involved in LED traffic Signals since 1996 when City of Stockholm decided to switch all incandecent lamps to LEDs. City of Stockholm became the first capitol in the world to change to a LED solution since then have Traffic Systems been active in this market.LED Traffic Signals have been a very good proof of a efficient power conversion from incandecent lamps to LEDs.


Solar Powered HB-LED Lighting systems combine a clean energy source with the advantage of the solid state lighting,leading to an even greater and energy efficient form of lighting. Designing such systems require understanding the major components of a solar powered HB-LED Lighting system,as well as the design challenge in implementation.


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